Brand Architecture 2

In another entry we talked about the importance of having our brand architecture aligned with the business and how it can help us manage brands in a good way. Here is another topic we love to work on: packaging architecture. If it is a matter of making new launches from what has already been built, usually a good strategy would be to highlight the brand on which we have been working on creating value. Starting from there we could build a new execution. When we talk about products with different flavors, presentations, contents, ingredients, etc., which usually seek to meet the needs of different segments, one option is to use our structure to show we are innovating, bringing a new offer satisfying specific needs. The way to do it and its execution will depend on the strategy choose, that way we’ll have a criteria that goes beyond personal tastes.

Understanding how from the brand’s growth we can also define hierarchies to help our audiences identify the differentials and add value, sharing our essence. It is all about defining or understanding our communication ecosystem and work on every detail. From one side the definition of hierarchies, and from the other, the construction of narratives with distinctive visual elements, colors, typography, sizes, icons, etc., which share our brand’s values and offer at first glance in the right way. We can talk about portfolio architecture, brand architecture, packaging architecture, always as a discipline that from communication works for the brand’s growth, making important contributions in brand management. The moment we decide to intervene will be linked to the stage we are going through in the process and the stance or vision we decide to imprint on it from the business point of view.

We enjoy working with brands, defining and designing architectures aligned with their business.