We are a strategic branding agency


This creative agency believes a brand’s greatest expression is the result of combining strategic thinking, powerful execution and meaningful connections. We team up with our clients to build relevant, coherent and purposeful brands.

We are open to work worldwide for North and South America for Europe and Asia

Strategy is at the heart of brand positioning

We design based on strategic planning, where research is the foundation that makes up the spirit and soul of our brands.

Brands beyond limits


As branding partners of Sancho BBDO we are experienced in creating and revitalizing brand expressions and narratives in different industries and countries.

We team up with our clients


We are passionate about developing memorable brand strategies and experiences. We co-create with every client, working hand in hand form strategy to final design. Our talent and expertise merge with a deep knowledge of each business.

About us
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Brand strategy workshops

“We first think, then design.” As a creative agency we deeply believe that brands should be driven by a strategic plan from which design comes to life. This plan must always be closely related to the business strategy. In Señor López we never “design for the sake of designing”, we always do it based on strategy and research to meet the objectives set out in the planning stage of each project.

Strategic branding

The starting point of a successful project begins with research and strategy. As a creative agency we conduct qualitative and quantitative research as a basis for strategic brand DNA workshops. We work on the creation of names and visual executions that always respond to the brand strategy, both for new brand designs and revitalizations.

Packaging and label design

Based on the brand's DNA, we work on packaging architecture, graphic design and user testing. At Señor López we make sure to develop strong concepts and designs that stand out at the point of purchase and communicate the essence of each brand.

Point-of-Purchase material

We design communication pieces based on the customer journey in points of purchase of each brand. We work on customer journeys, touchpoints identification and POP material design.

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