Brand Management 2

Why should you work in Brand Management from the inside out?

We have talked about the importance of considering the different aspects to grow and mature. Always from our brand essence, showing the strength of our spirit, what moves us, what makes us get up every day, sharing it clearly with others. We already talked in another blog about how we can do it from the inside, now let’s see how we can do it to the outside:

Brand management diagram

The Brand Management process usually starts with a name, which has its own image, with specific colors, typography and visual elements that together become its visual identity. Brands are built through consistent actions over time. The challenge is that the actions and words reflect our personality, our value offer, the one we are the only ones to share, all of this together, builds up the branding process. Having clear brand guidelines will make our brand become the best seller. It will make the message the same in every channel, it will have the clarity to make our products known. Developing a brand narrative that evolves with our business will help us share effectively our key messages. Holding strategy workshops periodically with the different teams will not only bring cohesion to all our people but will also give them unity of vision. And if every design piece in every touchpoint is cohesive, we will be growing towards the same direction. Capitalizing the efforts, turning the communication expenses into an investment, which, if well managed, will always bring us important profits. We have done it for national and international brands, having great results:

https://vimafoods.com/ https://www.skandia.com.co/ https://www.colombia.co/pais-colombia/ https://www.colombia.co/pais-colombia/ https://www.nairo.com.co/https://www.legis.com.co/