Brand Architecture 1

Brand Architecture as a key element in brand management is a topic we would like to talk about. In one of its basic definitions, architecture is the art and technique of designing, projecting and constructing ….. According to Oxford Dictionary, art is “Recreating with an aesthetic purpose an aspect of reality in beautiful forms using images or sounds”.

Even just from its definition we find several concepts. The first is one is that brand architecture will reflect the way we will structure our brands. The second one is to determine how we’ll use shapes and colors to represent what we are.

What do we achieve with a well-managed architecture? Adding value to the brand, having a structure to grow properly and having criteria for decision making (aligned with the business strategy), reflecting our offer.

From the business point of view, defining our priorities, what would be the strategy and where we want to go, will be part of the main criteria. Because the fact is that if we want to grow as a brand, it is essential to have a clear organization, a solid structure to build on. Having clear criteria for this organization will give us the route that will lead us in every new release. Also its key to share it with everyone involved within the organization.

To start managing the Brand Architecture, we need to start by understanding what our core is, what we are looking for, which is our offer. This will be the base for defining the structure on which our brand will be built and from there its visual identity and name will help us grow. Sometimes this happens organically because the essence of our business is clear. However, it is common that with growth, the path could lead us to make tactical decisions that didn’t made us good, confusing our audiences about our offer or values. Is here where we need to stop. This well-managed stop will help us move forward with greater certainty, placing all the cards on the table, and thus, making decisions aligned with specific business goals.

We enjoy working with brands, defining and proposing architectures aligned with their business. We are ready to help you!