Branding Nairo
Comunicación y diseño corporativo de la marca Nairo
Branding y naming para Nairo
Branding Nairo
Branding Nairo
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The challenge: design the personal branding for one of the most important and beloved sportsmen in Colombia: Nairo Quintana.

This brand identity had to navigate both in the sports and the business world.

“Nairoman” as he is also known, met with us to create his personal branding. The aim was to bring to life a dream of his, a dream that will remain in the future; when he stops pedaling his bike and starts pedaling to achieve business goals.

Based on a clear strategic approach, that was built as a result of different brand workshops, we achieved a strong personal branding. We designed a brand identity that not only symbolizes his origins, but the impetus that characterizes him: achievements, difficulties, falls and victories.

These concepts are contained in a visual route within the strokes of the letter “N” that is showcased in the logo. The “N” also symbolizes the structure of the bicycle that has helped Nairo achieved many victories for his country.

For us it was a privilege to work with Nairo in building his personal branding. Working as a team with him and his manager, we defined a clear strategic path that ultimately led us to a strong brand that conveys Nairo’s resilience and strength.