Branding Mimética
Branding Mimética
comunicación y diseño corporativo de la marca Mimética
Diseño gráfico para Mimética


Branding: logo design and visual identity for Mimética studio.

MIMÉTICA is an international architecture firm based in Bogotá – Colombia. They work in interior design and exterior architecture. Every architecture design of this firm is a design response to the context, landscape, and neighborhood where the project takes place. Felipe Londoño, founder of the studio, has worked for more than 20 years, inspired in japanese aesthetics and architecture.

For this branding, we based our work in the concept of mimicry and in japanese aesthetics. Mimicry, in this context, is related to the imitation of nature for artistic purposes. Inpired by this concept, we designed a logo that uses geometric elements that relate to architecture. These elements make up a whole and interact with their surroundings, making the space outside the logo part of the composition. The logo reflects the dynamics of mimicry, integrating exterior and interior elements in one entity.

The elegance and minimalism where two aspects that were essential in this design process. These two concepts are characteristic of Felipe Londoño’s work in Mimética Studio. We built this brand and logo with essetial elements and a monochrome color palette. To resonate with the spirit of this architecture studio brand.