Re-Branding de la marca Legis
Re-Branding de la marca Legis
manual de identidad corporativa Legis
Informe corporativo Legis
Re-Branding de la marca Legis
Campaña de publicidad Legis
Legis Pendones – POP
Campañas de publicidad de Legis
Diseño gráfico para Legis
Renovación y comunicación de la marca Legis
Re-branding Legis


We rebranded one of the most traditional brands in Colombia.

We faced the challenge of renovating the visual identity of Legis, adapting it to the current market while preserving the the visual heritage that has characterized the brand for more than 60 years. During the process we organized the brand’s architecture and services portfolio. All our work was based on a strategy to create this relevant rebranding. We renovated the brand and refreshed it while keeping the most impotant visual assets. This process resulted in a good brand positioning.

In a rebranding process it will always be important to base all decisions in business and communication strategies. This will give a strong foundation to start designing in visual terms, allowing us to develop graphic expressions that support the strategy. Because of this, the first thing we did was a series of workshops with our client. The results of the workshops were our primary resources to articulate a branding strategy. Next, we worked in organizing the product and services architecture of Legis. This step is super important for clients that present their value offer in different products or services. The architecture allows us to connect the products and services between them and to help consumers understand the relations between products and the main brand. Finally we worked in the logo design, the graphic design and the brand book. In the book we documented the strategy and the application of the visual assets of the brand.

“We knew the project was extremely challenging, yet we were confident that SeñorLópez will design the right solution. We were right, you gave us the refresh we so much needed!” José Antonio Currea, Legis Manager.