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Brand identity


The challenge

Over 45 years, the Mamonal foundation built an identity that was recognized in the city of Cartagena. However, with their growth and expansion came a problem: the community believed the foundation only worked within the boundaries of the Mamonal zone, located near the industrial area of Cartagena.

Aware of their problem and considering the strategic plan of the foundation to reach communities in all the region of Bolívar, Colombia, and not only in Cartagena, the foundation contacted us to design a new branding, naming, visual system and brand culture plan.

During the design process we held different strategic workshops that allowed us to trace a clear strategic path for the brand design. As a result of working closely with our client, we defined creative routes that allowed us to have a starting point to start creating possible brand names for the foundation.

After a selection process the winning naming was TRASO, a word that sounds similar to “stroke” in spanish. The word is a combination between two words that describe the spirit of the foundation: social transformation. Traso, a social transformation collective, started coming to life as a powerful brand that helps transform the lives of vulnerable communities and their youth.

Since the word Traso, is similar to “trazo” (spanish for stroke), the visual identity system was built upon simple strokes that allow comunities to paint their own future. The logo design allows a dynamic feel in a stroke that makes up the words. The foundation seeks to be a stakeholder that helps change and bring new opportunities in the fields of education and leadership. Therefore, the visual system graphically represents this paths and strokes tha make up new roads.

“To us it means everything to help transforming the lives of the youth and the communities we work with. Lead by SeñorLópez team we participated in a powerful strategic work, and as a result of this work we reached a brand that truly expresses what we are. The name, the logo, the visual system connects with our audience and purpose and is a symbol of transformation.”Jackeline Pájaro, director of communications, Colectivo Traso.