Colombia’s country brand

Material POP Colombia Marca País
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Campañas de publicidad Colombia Marca País
Identidad corporativa para Colombia Marca País
Campaña de publicidad Colombia Marca País

Colombia’s country brand

A graphic design system that exalts Colombia’s cultural and biological diversity.

Colombia rwas reborn and, in the eyes of the world, was perceived differently. Since the country had experienced major changes that shifted the way the country was perceived, it needed a new image that portraited its rebirth.

One of Colombia’s greatest strengths is its mega diversity, not only in biological terms, but in its people and culture. This is a natural and cultural richness that deserves to be seen and known. Colombia is a country that has several different regions, ethnicities, accents, languages, traditions, landscapes and even climates.

For this brand we developed a strategy where the design was continuously transforming. It was essential to display diverse messages to different audiences, making sure that the core graphic expression remained the same. To meet the brief, we created the “creative geometry” visual system. Depending on the messages the brand needed to speak, and the contexts where it was going to be, this visual system boosted the creation of context-based designs that dynamically responded to the brand’s needs.

In this branding and graphic design project we worked closely with Procolombia. Through different workshops and meetings we defined a strong strategy that then guided the design process. Once we had a clear path to explore, we worked on the creative process of the logo design and the visual identity system for this country brand. At the end, we designed a flexible system that adapts and allows the country to convey different messages depending of the context and its communicational need. All the system is inspired in Colombia’s mega diverse nature.